Italian Kitchen

Eating here is always a family experience.

We make your dinning experience

the perfect combination of style and taste


    simply feeling it

    To us love and passion are the key ingredients to any dish. We do what we do because food has always been a unifying factor creating friends and family.


    best ingredients

    We use only the best and freshest ingredients for anything you order. From our mix of imported Italian flour used to make our dough to the herbs we get fresh from our garden, we feel the great dishes start long before we start making your food.


    hand picked

    We hand select a wide variety of wines from not only around the world, but we also find and offer the best local wines, grown and produced from less then 50 miles from here.

our crew

we are more artists than ordinary cooks

Gerardo Moceri


Gerardo Moceri, a native of Michigan, relocated to Arizona and 1998 to work with Chef Wiley at The Boulder’s Resort. Yearning to create culinary feasts that showcased more of his I >