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This is Chef Gerardo’s doctorine and opinions.  We are all strong in our believes. Believes in love and believes in life. This comes though as a passion and a love of life.  

Best Italian in Sedona

We are the best Italian restaurant in Sedona, dare we say all of northern Arizona? No, not really. You don’t compare one chef to another chef. Things like Iron Chef and Top Chef are a dramatization of food and not reality. Each chef has their own skill, tastes, and a certain “personalità” they bring to each dish. Two chefs will not create the exact same dish the exact same way, and they shouldn’t. Each dish is the chef’s own interpretation. This is why food is art. A picture is visual and can move you to tears but good food engages all your senses and will change your life. 

Some chefs like to make complex dishes. Chef Gerardo believes in simple: simple ingredients, simple dishes and simple preparation. The ingredients should be so fresh, so clean that it’s a dish is an omage to the main ingredient and all the supporting ingredients. 



Simple ingredients, simple dishes

This is the mantra Chef Gerardo starts with when creating all the dishes. In the old country and with the old chefs that were his mentors, they didn’t have a need to overpower food with salt, butter or sugar. People knew what rosemary picked fresh out of the garden smelled like and tasted like. It better taste that way when it gets to the table. A piece of beef should taste like beef, you should be able to taste the freshness of the tomatoes in the tomato sauce. This is how every dish begins and ends in his kitchen. 



And as with all great arts and artists, simplicity is a sign of mastery and perfection. 

Creative Staff

Our staff is like family. Many of them have been with Chef Gerardo since they were teenagers working their first jobs.

Gerardo Moceri

Head Chef

Gerardo Moceri, a native of Michigan, has studied under  some of Italy’s great chefs. He relocated to Arizona in 1998 to work with Chef Wiley at The Boulder’s Resort. Yearning to create culinary feasts that showcased more of his Italian Heritage, Chef Moceri found his way to Payson, Arizona to open Gerardo’s Firewood Cafe and Gerardo’s Italian Kitchen.

He currently resides in Sedona and Payson with his wife, and 2 dogs. His two children Natalie Rose lives in Boston and Gerardo Francesco, attends ASU and is studying abroad in Italy.

Chef Gerardo has studied the culinary arts all over the world from Italy, Hawaii, Switzerland, Paris, Texas, New York. He brings this experience and wonderful stories  with him to create some of the finest Italian cuisine in Sedona.

Brian Jones

Sous Chef



Head waitress


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